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AI Integrated React Application

This was a labor of love. I have been working with people learning code for a couple years now, and the one complaint I get constantly is that they can't find enough practice problems, and that the sites that they try are too complicated and intimidate them. I set out to make it simpler. I also integrated a back end running on my own server to handle the API calls. This was a learning experience all the way around, and one that I can't wait to do again! Enjoy the site!

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CodeProblems Site Logo

React Website

Discover Help Code, a pioneering website I co-created with Matthew Cox, designed to transform the coding education experience. Leveraging the power of React and React Router, we've crafted a user-centric platform that's accessible, easy to navigate, and responsive across all devices. Our mission is to fill the gaps in learning to code with extensive resources and a unique, interactive practice component currently under development. This feature will enable learners to test their skills in real-time, directly on the site. At Help Code, we're not just teaching code; we're creating an engaging, learning journey for every aspiring coder.

The repository for this site is not public.

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React Application

This code creates a React app with multiple components for creating and managing appointments for dog owners. The Entry component is a form where dog owners can input their name, their dog's name, and an appointment date. The Schedule component displays a table of existing appointments and allows users to edit or delete appointments. The app uses useState hooks to manage user input and display updates. There is a calendar library used to display when appointments are scheduled for and multiple alerts for various conditions base of time and appointment. The code includes functions for formatting dates and sorting appointments by time. This also connects to a PHP backend that stores the appointments in a MySQL database.

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15th Place Townhome

Dog Park Title Pawprint

Welcome to Fake Store

Where Everything is Fake, and Your Money isn't Any Good.

React Application

This is a mock storefront created to showcase my unique style and sense of humor, as well as demonstrate a complex React application. The website offers various features such as the ability to add items to a virtual shopping cart, view previous orders made on the site, and navigate through dynamic product pages using React Router. The website was developed with the use of MockAPI.io as the backend.

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React Application

The objective of developing this React application was to showcase the retrieval of data from distinct components and utilizing them for enabling user input and rating. Through this project, I gained significant insights into website structuring and the benefits of component reusability, which I previously underestimated.

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A Snowday Production


JavaScript Hangman Game

This project started as a way to entertain my son, who was eager to use my new keyboard. To give him a reason to type, I set up a quick game of hangman on a Google Doc, which he enjoyed. As I developed my skills in DOM manipulation, I decided to transform the simple JavaScript prompt-based game into a full-fledged web-based game. The result has been impressive - my coworkers, including my manager, have spent hours playing it. In the game, one player chooses a word while the other guesses. Try it out and discover why my son thinks I am awesome for creating it!

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Playing with REST APIs

As part of my learning journey in API development, I worked on a REST API to build a simple yet practical weather application. When you first visit the website, it will display a loading img-fluid icon while waiting for the API call to retrieve the user's current location based on their shared location data from the browser. In addition to this, the application allows users to enter a city name or a zipcode to view basic weather information for today and tomorrow.

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Simple Weather

For users that need it simple

The Almighty Comment Feed

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C.R.U.D App

This app was developed as a project to learn how to interact with APIs for the purpose of creating, reading, updating, and deleting data. I had a lot of fun working on this short project and was able to apply my own styling to it. However, the main focus of the project was to get a solid grasp on the basics of interacting between the site and the API.

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